Pit & Pendulum – Review

Well it’s been a while since my last review, but as we were at a shiny new venue for us, I thought it was only fair to share some of our experiences with you all, and to give our fellow musicians an insight into the foibles of this venue.

First thing to get out of the way is access,  parking is non-existent for this venue,  we offloaded on Victoria Street on the main Tram route through the city,  stopping on the limited parking bays for off loading only…4pm to Midnight.  We were not sure about the situation so for clarity, Mick Rice went to speak to the local Traffic Warden who was busying himself handing out tickets to others parked further down the road…He advised us that we could only load etc, but must put on hazards and move off as soon as complete, otherwise we would get a ticket.  So all good we proceeded to offload which involved traversing 2 sets of tramlines and a curb, make sure your cabs have big wheels for this one,  not to mention the frequent trams belting around the bend and the odd car or 3 dropping off revelers and making U turns.   It wasn’t until the manager Dave came out later we discovered that loading was best done on the other side of the building using the pedestrianised access which turned out to be a lot easier and closer to the stage area….with the added benefit of doormen which were tasked to keep an eye on our gear during loading and unloading, a really nice gesture by the venue.

There is parking in multi stories and on-street parking nearby which apparently is free after 8pm but we did not go for those as it meant having to negotiate the one way systems to find your way back to the venue..our choice was the multi-storey on Victoria Road opposite Tescos, but be aware it’ll cost you £7.95 and there is a height restriction of 6’5″, so no vans….Doh!

We offloaded all the gear and wheeled it through the venue, guided by one of the lovely bar staff to the playing area, which was 2 /3rds of the way through the building on a surface of flagstones and various ramps and roundabouts which made it very easy to get the gear in.   The interior is very Gothic and on 2 layers with interesting faux bookcase doors to toilets,  which were impossible to find when desperate, part of the charm of the place.    The playing area was quite small with a curved disabled ramp with balustrades running in front of it giving access to the disabled toilet which was stage left..required permanent access which further restricts the playing area and limits where you can place the PA, although we believe that the venue is looking at providing PA some time in the future. There is room at the back of stage for backdrops etc, unfortunately ours was left in the car under the back seat,  which was now in the multi storey, so hey ho that’s the way it goes.

Although very cosy the playing area was well appointed, with double power sockets on both sides and 4 LED floods on the ceiling which provided a good colour wash, which helps with the space situation.   There is a small area stage right where you can put all the bags cases and spare gear which also helps.  You are playing to a large open space with bar opposite, and mainly standing only with just the odd table to sit at,  which Kirsty soon laid claim to, handily right next to the bar.

Getting a crowd in was no problem for this venue, as it was situated on one of the main wining and dining pedestrian routes through Nottingham and so had huge footfall, which meant that as soon as the music fired up, you could draw them in.  For us though we already had a number of Boomers come down specially, some sporting TTB badges and other just following,  thanks to all who made the special journey we really appreciate your support, special thanks to the guys and gals from Winsterfest, sorry we will not be playing next year but I’m certain we’ll be back somewhere, somehow.  A special thanks to the guy who is now an honorary guitarist…you know who you are, great head banging by the way.

The Gig went with a bang, with a fantastic crowd, all in great voice and enjoying themselves, probably helped by the sexy ladies roaming the floor with trays of Jagerbombs for just £1 a shot….     The atmosphere was electric with whistles, cheers and screams building as the night progressed.  We highly recommend this venue, and when  Glen had a chat with the manager, who said he was looking specifically for rock,  metal and punk bands as they bring in the best crowds, Glen put forward a DCdDC,  Cocked and Loaded,  Sweet Revenge and Metal Fatigue, (although Metal Fatigue has already played there),   and has sent links to help things along..  So it might be worth a call in to the Pit and Pendulum if you fit those categories.

Packing up was a lot easier,  now that we knew about loading at the back/front thing.. The doormen looked after our kit as we came and went and it was all soon packed away,  that is almost, as we discovered at our gig at the Stumble the following night, Mick Rice was without stool,  which was happily rescued the following day from the storage room….all is well.

Great venue, great manager, great crowd, great atmosphere, amusing toilets……Thank you all.



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