Rockers Reunited – Review

Well it’s been quite a while since my last confession, but I felt that the events of this weekend with TTB at Pontins, with the fantastic Lynn Fearns’ Rockers Reunited @ Southport could not pass without a mention.

Tick Tick Boom were set to start off the Saturday @ 1.30 so I had arranged with Glen to come and pick me up from the boat Saturday morning around 9.30am, giving us plenty of time to load up the gear and travel up to Southport.  So having risen from my pit at around 8 the phone rings and I’m greeted by the cheerful tone of Glen declaring “I’m Here”.  What!  He was so excited he couldn’t sleep and was looking forward to this gig so much he just had to get on the road.   So after hastily downing a cup of hot coffee and some frantic loading of Glens motor, we were off.  Carefully following the precise directions given by the nice lady in the Garmin.

A quick call was made to Mark as pre-arranged to give him time to join the convoy – unfortunately there was no answer.  As we approached Stoke the reason became apparent,  a call from an alternative number revealed that Mark had lost his phone on one of his Titanic Brewery sampling runs the night before, anyway we agreed to meet at the services on the M6 to synchronize our efforts. Feeling suitably robbed we continued, refreshed and nourished on Costa and Chips joining the extensive road works on the M6, which no doubt the majority of rockers reuniting at Southport had to endure.

Mick R & Mick R were either on his way or already at Southport, depending on which you look at first.  As we got nearer to Pontins we noticed that the temperature was dropping, having fallen some 6 degrees since we set off, there was a distinct chill in the air.

Turns out that after all the hold ups, delays and diversions we arrived just 15 mins earlier than planned,  so Glens early start was just as well and possibly some kind of divine intervention, or just the lack of ability to go all night without needing the loo.

We were soon unloading our gear ably assisted by Lynns event staff.  We were soon set up on stage which sported some amazing lighting rigs and impressive gantries all around.  A very professional set up provided by the venue.  There were plenty of sockets both front and back of stage and as if by magic we were miked up and sound checked before you could say Jack Daniels.  Which reminds me, Mick R & Mick R also arrive and one sets up drums whilst the other sorts microphone etc.

A great crown was in place and by the the time we cracked off there were plenty of rockers in town.  All went well with our set although the 1.30 hrs seemed to go in a snip. We were followed by Free At Last, Pure Pure, Mentallica and Whitesnake Uk, all excellent tributes to there namesakes.  So I settled into a great evening and helped by our good friend Caroline, who protests to be our greatest fan, who was determined to get us all slaughtered, and she very nearly succeeded.

I could say a lot more about the bands, who played Friday and Sunday too, but there are loads of reviews from others on social media together with ever increasing numbers of photos, so I though you could all make your own minds up.

This was one of the Best and well organised gigs/festivals we have attended in our many years of dragging our sorry tales around pubs, clubs and the odd damp field.  We are all looking forward to our next appearance for Rockers Reunited at Winsterfest in May, which I predict may be the biggest yet with a fantastic line up.

Thanks for everyone’s support and best wishes,  the Rockers Reunited crowds are the best.



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