The Lamb – Review

Well it’s been a little while since our last review,  mainly because of all the changes that have been taking place within the band just recently around our quest to secure a new drummer following John’s departure.

This Saturday just gone saw us all back at The Lamb @ Newhall,  those of you who know this little pub will also know that it has a huge heart and we always receive a warm and heartfelt reception from landlady Andrea and her faithful headbanging staff.

We now have our new backdrop and were looking forward to seeing it in all its glory,  however  The Lamb’s playing area is pretty cosy  and  was too small to get it up, never mind, should have no trouble at The Star in Utoxeter next weekend.    We all pretty much arrived together, Mark turning up slightly later, having travelled from Wolverhampton.  We loaded all our gear in with the enthusiastic help of the resident young lad, which was very useful to us bunch of old geriatrics.  He’s an excellent roadie!

Glen had pretty much got his bass stack in place and Drummer Mick was steadily setting up his kit in the corner,  making good use of the darts mat as he had forgot to bring his drum mat,  and the rest of the gear was loaded into the pub bar, taking up much of the floor space.  I set up my Marshall 6×12 stack but had to leave space for Mark to gain access, as the playing area stretches across the door by leaving the amp at 90 degrees until the door could be locked.

Power is provided by a handy bank of 4 sockets on the back wall, although there were another 4 sockets available above the bar, stage left, once one or two appliances had been unplugged.

Glen was trying out a new position next to the drummer with me being stage left, the theory being that you get a better separation of guitars and the bass is more in tune with the drumming and forms a more solid rhythm section.   Problem is, Glen’s automatic global positioning system has not been reset, and he found himself drifting involuntarily back to his old position, catching me by surprise and we got tangled once or twice – added to the fun of it all though.   Natalie, Andrea’s sister was doing some great headbanging on the bar during Rosie, which I couldn’t help but join in, passing on the plectrum as her prize for No 1 Rosie Rock Chic for the night.  She also did a grand job with the whistle in Paradise City.

Remembering little Angus, from the Oak who sadly passed away last year, Helen Goachers partner  Graeme came down to give us his support too, and enjoy a bit of ACDC at the same time.  TTB have a special place in our memories for Little Angus and he will not be forgotten.

This was our second gig with Drummer Mick and there are still a few little tweaky bits that need to find their natural resolution but overall the performance was great and we soon had everyone  singing along and doing the Boomer thing, even dancing on the chairs and headbanging on the bar, a great night was had by all,  a huge thanks to all who came down and joined in the fun including our good friend Lynn Fern and Mr Nice and Steve Naylor from the popular  famous Steve Naylor Band.

Packing up was the usual delight, slightly hampered by the requests for T shirts, Nat asked for small but settled for a medium and promised to wear it at the next gig.  We are amazed at how many Boomers are turning up at our gigs lately wearing our T shirts and sporting our badges, key rings and lighters – absolutely amazing.

We will be back at The Lamb for their Beer Festival in July finishing off the day  with a full helping of our TTB delights.  See you all soon.

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