The Old Star – Review

It’s been a while since we played The Old Star in Uttoxeter, last time being November and requiring the wearing of plenty of layers as the temperature hovered around freezing point.  This time we were hoping for more temperate conditions, after all, it is summer.

Quite a few people were already insitu and we hoped the forecast rain, and thunderstorms would be short lived.  When it rained the last time we played here it didn’t seem to put many people off so we were hoping for the best.

The sound guy turned up and began connecting all his gubbins together leaving us to try and work out how we were going to hang the banner up so it wouldn’t fall onto John at the first inappropriate moment, he’s always had a bit of a twitch ever since the Greyhound banner incident.

The guy who’s doing our sound at the Heather Music Festival introduced himself saying he hadn’t yet seen us so had come along to get an idea as to what he’ll be up against in a couple of weeks.   So we took the opportunity to get in our bacon butty orders now that we had an inside man on the job.

As we waited for the sound check, more people came to talk to us about future gigs they were organising for next year and wanting to know what available dates we have. A few had been on our website and came to see us on the strength of that.

The venue has a section 18 notice in place and a maximum sound limit of 95dbs. During the sound check we hit 99dbs! It’s a bit quieter than usual for us then. The sound guy tweaked a few tweaks and eventually got it to remain stable at an average of 92dbs.

They also have a no-swearing policy on stage so what with the lower than normal volume it was something of a first for us! The sound balance and monitoring was excellent as we launched into our set. The rain eased off briefly and we gained an appreciative crowd response.

Things were looking good and we all kept one eye on the sky wishing for the predicted storm to stay away. It did, although we did get spells of rain which drove a few of the crowd under shelter, but not enough to dampen there spirits (especially if you cover them up with a beer mat).

We tore through the set hoping the batteries in the wireless systems would last and that no one broke a string, Grrrr; It wasn’t to be. Steve seems to break a string on most gigs just as we begin Doctor Doctor at the Greyhound last night, and this one was going to be  different.   This time his wireless packed up the ghost right at the tricky bit of Enter Sandman,  Thought those celladur batteries were supposed to keep your rabbit going for ages.  Anyway Mick decided to join in the fun when the battery in his radio mic waved goodbye too.  A slight scramble centre and right stage and we were back on track.

We finished the gig and after a couple of encores mingled with the, mainly dry, crowd who said they’d enjoyed our offerings. We’re back at the Old Star in Sept at the request of a guy who’s holding his birthday party there. So we’ll see you all there again in a couple of months.

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