Triple Back-breaker Weekend Review.

This weekend saw us all bracing ourselves for what we have affectionately called the Triple Back-Breaker,  as we are all of an age, like the majority of rockers around the region, barring a few good young rockers, the lucky young bastards who are living out our former dreams.   Good luck to them all and all the bands on the circuit, we support them all in the fight to keep live music alive and are proud to be part of this exclusive and very special club.

Our first event was at The Gallows Inn in Ilkeston, who are now putting on live music again.  The venue is situated right next to the lock where the Erewash Canal intersects Derby Road,  the car park being just 8 inches from the lock edge extreme caution when parking was called for.

The playing area was at the back of the venue in the long part of the L shaped bar and in front of the canoe thingy.  It took some loading as we trundled our gear through the pub, helped by the friendly patrons, holding doors and the like.  Mick Rice had no problems as this was local to him and he knew most and recruited his mates as able roadies.   Mind he needs all the help he can get.  We were there with Wolfman and IT delivering there special flavour of rock DJ which helped the night go with a bang,  great to see you again.

The night went well and the crowd in the Gallows was great, thanks for all your support and the sexy dancing,  yes we like to be entertained too. Anyway they want us back so look out for us in the future if we can tie a date down.

Packed up and pissed off home, quick brew, go to bed and then up next day to prepare for the next one.

Saturday here we are, trundling off towards Coalville for The Victoria Bikers Pub,  most of you would have heard of it, notorious for its summer rock, beer and biker festivals.  I got there first as the missus was on a jolly up north with the Mother In Law and had abandoned me to my own devices.  Glen soon followed and after a short wait we managed to get into the room.

Not so difficult to load in for this one as there is a 4k + PA rig in house, so it was just back line, guitars and enthusiasm.  It was a pay to get in and as such the crowd was not as large as we are used to but those that were there certainly seemed to enjoy themselves, those that I saw anyway once the thick fog had cleared from the faulty smoke machine.  This is a great rock venue and we will be back for xmas.

Packed up and pissed off home, quick brew, go to bed and then up next day to prepare for the next one.  Missus back now.

Sunday afternoon left no room for LAZING ON IT.  We were off to Swad to The Lounge Bar, which some of you might know has been in the papers a lot recently and not for the right reasons, so we were approaching this one with some trepidation.  The last time we played this venue as the Empire the trouble took place very shortly after we left.  Anyway when we got there, I remembered I hadn’t eaten for 2 days so grabbed a kebab with plenty of chilli from the takeaway next door, once scoffed we loaded the kit in and we noticed a change in layout, now calling itself a sports bar and providing a sizeable stage area at the back of the building, up a handy ramp.  It looks like the pool area as the pool table had been popped into a back room.  There were bouncers provided and the staff and punters were friendly.   A lot of our pals came down to see us, thanks for your support guys and thanks to Carl and his mates, nice to see and chat to a fellow Uriah Heep fan.   The sound was great and we really like the new layout, it was fantastic to have plenty of room to move about.

Packed up and pissed off home to collapse on the settee.  Phew, made it.

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